March 21, 2011

Bad Poetry.

I just read a blurb on bad poetry.
I've succumbed to all the "do nots."
Too much alliteration and adverbs alike
Too many cliches and mixed metaphor.

So what can I do,
but keep writing in hopes
of a poem that is salvageable?

You are a Better Poet Than Me.

You are a better poet than me
you know.

Living life sated with sadness and beauty,
you have feasted on the fleshes of fruit
and spit out splintering rinds.

Your palate moist with lingering tastes,
you have sipped the sweetness of love
and burned your lips on its biting heat.

You too have touched the tenderness of sorrow
and splashed in puddles of tears
and soaked up an afternoon sun,
and wandered, wondering your place in this world.

You, my poet friend,
alive and awake,
share sensualities,
brainstorm brilliant ideas,
paint artful images
with words.

You are a better poet than me.

I wait for you to write.

March 10, 2011

I Forgot to Look Up.

(Image by Brett Townshend)

There are days that I don't see the leaves on the trees

Days that I don't notice the softness of the breeze

Days that I forget to look up to the sky

The details of being present passing me by.