June 11, 2012

When Stupidity Leads to Meaning

As I have discussed in prior entries, I have self-diagnosed speech dyslexia, which means I consistently pronounce words wrong.

I also have spontaneous moments of stupidity, where I suddenly forget how to spell simple words like "or." Yesterday morning, my stupidity crept up on me again. As I wrote about about my need to better accept where I am now, I kept writing HEAR, instead of HERE.

Be hear now.

After noting that I don't reade gud, I scanned my brain lapse in search of meaning (which is usually a vain attempt to feel better about myself).

Aren't here and hear one in the same?

When we are fully present, we are open to truly hearing the subtleties of life. We actually hear what people are saying (with or without words). We hear the voice in our head or gut that may not get as much attention. Maybe we hear birds chirp in a moment when our own spiraling thoughts usually drown them out.

Maybe it's no coincidence the two words sounds exactly the same.